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HAKRI is a contending player in the highly competitive recruiting vertical, to offer streamlined recruitment and staffing services to a variety of sectors. As recession keeps resulting in ever-mounting company costs, many companies now prefer to outsource their recruitment process to external agents.

HAKRI has tie-ups with several highly experienced recruitment professionals and offers the best placement services to job-seekers. On the other hand, the corporate approaches us to meet their recruitment needs. We have a streamlined strategy of planning your HR needs, implementation and then closure of the process.

While you witness the best talent slipping out of your hands and going away to your competitors, HAKRI provides you with that competitive edge, enabling a detailed diligence process for the vacancies in your companies, to sift and sieve from a big data base of job seekers and provide you with the best available talent.


Temporary/Permanent Staffing

Whether you need permanent hires or contract hires who work on our payrolls, we provide your company with the best talent, chosen after a rigorous recruitment process that sieves out the most skilled candidates for the role. With our innovative staffing solutions, we are well-equipped to meet your business’s urgent manpower requirements. We also provide support for on-boarding of candidates, induction and performance management. Whether your needs are for permanent staff or for project-based temporary manpower, we have the capability of finding the right candidates for your organisation.

Contract to Hire

In many cases, companies want to test out their talent before taking them into the organisation on a permanent basis. For this reason, they prefer associating themselves with HR solution providers so that they can use resources on the agency payrolls and hire them only if the resource performs well. Our talent pool is capable of fitting into your organisation with the maximum RoI. We hire ideal candidates on our payrolls to work for your organisation with no obligation to be hired immediately.

Executive Search

While the usual recruitment process goes on, executive search is something that has to be done differently. For head hunting of senior management professionals and executives, we need to have an expansive network. With our contacts in the industry, we are able to reach the higher level management executives without much difficulty. With a detailed analysis of clients’ business and the industry work force, we use a well defined strategy to counsel prospective executive candidates about their new role in the organization.

HR Consulting

Hakri offers expert HR consulting services to ease out the recruitment burdens and save huge costs incurred due to quick and successive hiring. By taking our consulting services, your company can focus more on your core business goals, and leave the talent management function, performance management, payroll processing etc. to us. We map our goals to your organisational goals and ensure that they are met with meticulous planning.


  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • BFS
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • FMCG

If you wish to discuss how we can help you hire the best talent available in the market, do write in to us at '' and we will arrange for an initial meeting to give you a briefing on the same.