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Hakri Application Development

Hakri is also involved in need-based application development, as we understand that our products may not be an exact fit to your company’s requirements. Hence, we have also been customizing the products and applications as per the needs specified by companies.

As organisational processes such as planning, scheduling, inventory control, talent management, payroll processing etc. have become highly complex owing to the growing sizes of organisations and extremely dynamic markets, developing a model application that is robust, scalable and platform independent is as essential as being ahead of the game.

Moreover, our process of application development takes into account the client organisation’s current as well as future expansion goals in order to induce scalability options into the initial design.

Application Product Delivery – How it’s done

Considering the experience of Team Hakri, product delivery has been a process that we have developed after a lot of deliberation, to ensure that the initial version is the best version. If in any case improvements are required, or enhancements are needed, scalability and platform independence are two key features that we base our work on.

Acquiring and retaining high quality resources and the best talent is the foundation of our success

Here is how we deliver what we promise:
  • Preliminary meeting with the clients to discuss the initial set of requirements.
  • Discussion on clients’ business goals
  • Role of product in the furthering of organization goals
  • Requirement analysis and due diligence
  • Chalking out possible solutions and discussing with client for approval.
  • Build the entire framework of solution.
  • Prototype modelling.
  • Beta testing and final product.
  • Product release and steps to roll out the product into the market/client.
  • Post product support and help desk facility.

Types of applications undertaken for development:

  • Payroll processing systems
  • Talent management software
  • Inventory and warehousing systems
  • Data Analysis and research systems
  • Data warehousing software
  • Technology forecasting