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Hakri Products

With a team of experts, Hakri has started its own product development vertical, to cater to the current software needs of the corporate. Using the most emerging cutting edge technologies, we recruit the best talents to ensure that our products are the most practical and the most cost-effective for our clients, as well as give the best performance in fulfilling the needs and objectives of the clients’ business.

Products offered:

Hakri offers products such as Warehouse management system, Inventory control system etc. We have developed these products keeping in mind the current market scenario with several convenient features.

Inventory and Warehouse Management System:

Product Profile:

This product has been developed for small and medium enterprises to help them manage their inventory stocking and warehousing functions. The software automates most of the process and triggers a ‘stock request’ whenever the stock count falls below the specified benchmark. It’s capable of being adapted to businesses that have several warehouses across different locations and has an intelligent locator system to achieve this function.

Advantages :

  • The Inventory and Warehouse Management System is a robust system that speeds up the process by automating the stocking and ordering process.
  • It has inbuilt reporting system which gives a period-wise report of the inventory and helps managers plan their stocks in advance.
  • It’s intelligent product tracking system also helps you decide which products are popular and have more movement in the supply chain hierarchy, thus enabling you to optimise your earnings by stocking profitable products in the right quantity.


  • Choosing the right set of software developers can be a daunting task, especially since the changes in the IT software industry are dynamically happening in real time. Yet, our software experts are chosen after a rigorous recruitment process and only the best are hired to be a part of Hakri.
  • These experts keep themselves updated on all the latest software technologies so that product development using cutting-edge technology such as cloud computing and SAP becomes not only possible but also mandatory.
  • We are also committed to making the best resources available to our developers in the software field, so that real time implementation and testing environment have as less a gap as possible.
  • Apart from software development, we also provide staffing and outsourcing and hence, we are a complete go-to solutions expert in the industry.